Project Consulting and Genealogical Services

Individual consulting services pertaining to in depth family group questions and analysis or project surname analysis are available. Projects are quoted individually but begin at $349 and typically range to about $700. Some can cost more depending upon the service desired, the size of the project, the complexity of the analysis and the format of the final report.

Current and previous projects run the spectrum from pure DNA analysis to reassembling an early Presidential genealogy line.

One project was to determine which participants in a large clan surname project were related to whom and to color code them as such. Because the participants were haplogroup R1b, the most common in Europe, this project focused strongly on mutation rarity and frequency rates.

A second project involved a small group of men within a larger surname project who wished to pursue their DNA and genealogy further to find their common ancestor.

A third project is more genealogically focused and involves working on a presidential line to reassemble an early family in order to determine who descends from that family and therefore, who would be good DNA candidates.

Contact Roberta to discuss your project.

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