Mitochondrial and Y-line DNA Analysis

When you order a Personalized DNA Report, you will receive a customized explanation about your DNA results for either your Y-line or mitochondrial DNA. You get to participate in the customization of the report by providing genealogy, photos and asking questions that will be clearly answered in the report which explains the basic workings of Y-line and mitochondrial DNA.

You will receive a report with several different sections which are different for each person, except the basic DNA section which explains the basics of Y-DNA and mtDNA lines.

Initially you will receive a questionnaire where you will provide your genealogy data, as well as your research questions. Once we obtain this information, your report will contain:

  • An explanation of how DNA testing works
  • What are mutations and why are they important
  • Your mutations explained and compared - which mutations are rare, which are important, which are not
  • Introduction to Y-DNA and Mitochondrial lines and how you are related
  • Detailed information on deep ancestry and migration routes, complete with relevant history, photos - the history of your ancestors
  • Your relevant genealogical line as provided, along with your photos
  • Checking all relevant DNA databases for matching purposes
  • Haplogroup and ancestral origins discussion and relevance
  • Interpretation of results in "Matches Maps"
  • Genealogical or Historical Findings, when possible
  • Interpretation of matches, markers, haplogroups and migration maps
  • Analysis and Discussion - this is completely determined by the findings above and may include additional research if relevant
  • DNA Pedigree chart
  • Summary
  • What to do next
  • Resources and References relevant to your situation

If you have not yet had your DNA tested for genetic genealogy we recommend Family Tree DNA for their superior products and customer service.

Each report is 70-100 pages, depending on individual results and your genealogy as well as specific research questions. Click on each of the thumbnails below to view a sample of report pages.

PDF Click here to view a sample report.

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