Customer Testimonials

Hi Roberta,

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated and enjoyed your reports once I have time to relax and read them. A job well done and well worth the cost. I'll go back to Lee County for a day or two with your insights sometime in the future. I really would like to positively identify the Y line before I die. I’m still amazed that you managed to isolate it to two families. I thought the illegitimate birth of my ancestor during the Civil War would prevent me from ever knowing who my ancestors were. I can’t thank you enough.

Best regards,
Ed Music

Thank you very much.
As Tony the Tiger says….This is Grrrreat. I love it.

Ms. Estes has been very instrumental in helping me in my quest for discovering my family. She, in my opinion, has not properly introduced herself. Roberta is unquestionably one of the top Genealogical DNA Research Scientists bar none and I have spoken with many. I sought her services after attending one of her Cumberland Gap Genealogy seminars in Hawkins County TN. She is leading the search for the Lost Colonists of Roanoke through DNA research and is sought after by anyone who understands the significance of DNA evidence in genealogy. She has been very instrumental and invaluable in my research and education.

Very respectfully,

James Andrew Jackson
It is exactly what I hoped for. Super duper. You do excellent work.

My best--Al

You have no idea how much you have moved forward my genealogy work. You have saved me years of effort. And being 72 with five stents holding open my coronary arteries, I need all the time I can get! I will write more later. But already such puzzles are explained as to why on The US Census, my grandparents "mother tongue" of French is lined out and replaced by ... Flemish. I need to go north into Brabant which is chock full of Libouton. What you have given me is gold!

Al LeBouton (good grief, I'm a Viking!)
Following a 2 day seminar at the Allen County Public Library in May 2009:


Thanking you for the great seminar! When I went back up to the department, three different attendees stopped me and thanked us for having the seminar. One gentleman approached me shaking his head with a smile. He said something along the lines of "Geez, that was a lot of information. She gave me a lot to think about. I am glad I came (he indicated he was from Columbus, OH)--I think I have a shot at understanding it now."

In glancing quickly through the evaluations that were turned in, they were uniformly good to great. I am very pleased, and most grateful that you were able to fit it into your schedule.

Curt B. Witcher
Manager, Historical Genealogy Department NE Director, Indiana Genealogical Society, Allen County Public Library

You beauty! (pronounced u bewdy! by us australasians - kiwis and aussies).

Thanks so much. Report arrived in good shape. Now I'm going to take months/years to absorb it and use it to further my research. It's a wonderful resource.

Go well, keep well.

Rob Gordon (Australia born, Pacific Rim resident today)

EEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek! It's here!

I'm so happy to see it and look forward to reading it more closely. It's really attractive, too. I know my father will enjoy pondering this. I can make it a special Valentine's Day gift.

Looking ahead a little, is it too soon to inquire about another report?

Kitty Allen

Walter Belt

Thanks so much for taking the time to give more texture to my report. It has taken a while to respond because I needed to adjust and comprehend what you have written. I feel a deep, abiding relationship to the Tsonga. I'm happy with my results and with the beginnings of my real DNA story. I'll be forever grateful to you for helping decipher it.

All the Best,
Stephanie Rose Byrd

Read about Ms. Byrd’s journey of discovery, including DNA results and her work with Roberta unlocking their meaning, in her book, “Light, Bright and Damned Near White”, available at Amazon.
Oh Roberta....the work you have put into this....thanks. I do hope you enjoyed the "rare" challenge. I have printed it out. It is going to take several cups of tea to read it all. I am going to put the sheets in plastic sleeves. I am an educated woman but this is quite a new language. I am pleased to see the [reference] websites included. I love learning. Many thanks again for your excellent work.

Emily Brothers

I want to thank you again for the wonderful report and all the work you put into it. I am not exactly a newbie to this and when I ordered the report I really had no idea of what to expect but I though at the time, “well this will be interesting”. Then when I learned you were behind it I knew I had done the right thing.

S. Dimond

Just wanted to thank you for the fantastic job you did on the analysis. You were right, there is a lot here that I didn’t know and a lot that was spot on in your research. You were also spot on about my Mothers Hispanic roots. She did some research to find documents in San Antonio about adoptions and birth certificates and discovered that her fathers name was Gonzales. So again I thank you for all this information that I will use for my research.

Thomas Goins
Hi Roberta,

Your Report really inspires my mind, really. I've now read several times your report and been thinking about these things.

At last I got sufficient information to be sure Adolf really was Carl’s biological father. The story of step-father is now solved. This question is now over.

Heikki (from Finland)
Hi Roberta,

I am really, really happy with my report and appreciate the knowledge and effort that went into your work.

I have a question for you. Can you find out if there are studies for an additional four surnames? Your reports would be a great gift for our son Luke. I am interested in giving my son as much of a look at his heritage as possible, with the idea of providing him information on each of his lines.

Best regards,

Larry Sides
Note from customer to Bennett Greenspan, President of Family Tree DNA on 5-15-2009


Just a quick note. I am not a newbie to genetic genealogy and so it was a bit of a lark and a bit of curiosity when I ordered the report from my personal page. I rec'd my report this week from Roberta Estes and am very very pleased. FTDNA needed something like this all along. Having managed several groups and advising others I can say that the norm is for casual group members not to 'get it'. This is a wonderful way to aid these folks.

Christmas 2005
Dear Family Members,

Hello and Happy Holidays. I hope you’ll forgive this group letter instead of personal handwritten notes.

I continue to work with my daughter on our family history. This year, DNA testing for genealogical purposes revealed to us that we have a female family connection in the late 1200s to early 1300s with a particular group of refuges that moved from Eastern Germany into the mountains of Russia where they still remain in an isolated village. My DNA at a particular location matches theirs, and this is the only source in the world known for this particular mutation. While we cannot of course find the paper trail back to these people so long ago, their oral history has been preserved, and it is very interesting to know that it is also the oral history of that line of my family as well.

I never imagined such discoveries were possibly, especially so long ago, but with new technologies we’ve learned much about our ancient family. I’ve enclosed a most interesting document to all of you as my Christmas gift. I’m giving you the gift of your heritage, of knowing where we belong, and that we descend from a Jewish mother long ago. I hope that you will pass this on within the family, providing a legacy, identity and a sense of belonging to your children and grandchildren.

I hope that this Christmas finds you in good health and bright spirits.

Jean Long

Note - Mrs. Long passed away four months later in April of 2006, having given her family the gift of their family legacy on their last Christmas together.
I have hired the services of several genealogists and without a doubt the information provided by Ms. Roberta Estes was more useful than any. Ms. Estes DNA analysis did not just include generic information regarding migration paths and genetic mutations of the haplogroups over time, but was very personalized for my specific DNA results. Ms. Estes went so far as to search all the DNA databases for individuals who share the same unique DNA markers as I, and she produced matches that were not available at other ancestry and DNA sites. I highly recommend Ms. Estes DNA analysis services to anyone who has completed a DNA test.

Andy Jackson, Locust Grove, VA

Once again I want to tell you how much I enjoyed your seminar. You do a great job of relating to your audience and educating people on DNA.

Dick Hill
DNA Testing Advisor
That report is amazing.

Sue Bennett
Hi Roberta,

Got your report and have just skimmed through it. Confirms a lot of what I suspected, and adds much additional info. I'll print it on high grade paper and then have it bound. Will make a very nice addition to the books I've already prepared for my kids.

The .jpg files are also interesting. There is no doubt that they refer to my grandfather Henry. However, I never realized he had returned to Germany and brought back a sister Mary (previously unknown to me). The draft registration card is also interesting in that it gives the color of his eyes and relative height (also previously unknown to me).

Many thanks for your efforts.

I have always hoped that the adoption story told by my grandfather would some day be disproven. The day has arrived. THANK YOU so much.

Wow Roberta!!!!!!!

You have totally blown me away!!!!!!

Not by findings so much; as by all the incredible work you have put into this!

Thank you so much! I am truly delighted.

A few items of interest.

At the moment I am in Israel, and about to leave for Lithuania, so have only really just glanced at your amazing amount of work. Many of your photos are most pertinant. I may have held the remains of my (all of our) Eve in my hands. You show a photo of the Taung Skull from South Africa. When I studied paleoanthropology in South Africa in the early 1960's that specimen was the hands of my Professor, Philip Tobias (the protege of Raymond Dart who described the skull), so we had the opportunity to see it. It is probably still at the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg.

You show of a photo of a reconstruction of the old walls of Jerusalem - well from where I am sitting right now I can see the actual walls of the old city. I’m on a journey to visit my ancestors. Tomorrow I fly to Lithuania, primarily as I have been involved in a project to build a Memorial to the Jews and Jewish Cemetery in Panevezys which was razed by the soviets. There are 7 known ancestors and family buried in what was the cemetery. The opening of the Memorial is on Thursday.

Then, as regarding the photos of the Bushmen or San as they are now properly called - I spent several weeks during my paleoanthropology years with them and made a movie.

So as you can see, I am truly delighted and look forward to the time when I can print this out and carefully go through it.

I plan to do several copies and have them bound for my family.

Thank you so much. You have provided a beautiful production and superb analysis as a heritage for my family.

Are you going to be doing the Y DNA analysis as well - I certainly hope so.

Warm regards and thanks,

Keith Kaye, MD
Wow Roberta,

Once again you have done an absolutely amazing job! I am really delighted and overwhelmed. Thank you so much

Thank you even for going to the trouble to find some of the original family records I had not found with the fact that the original family name was Kushner and Itsyks date of birth.

I have to tell you that I have just had the mt DNA report printed and bound and it looks spectacular. I had a copy made for each of our children and shall certainly be doing the same with these. They shall both become treasured family heirlooms.

Thanks again for your wonderful work. If you are ever in MN I would love to meet you and take you out for the best dinner you can imagine.

With kindest regards and thanks,

Keith Kaye, MD
I thought it was about the best, no wait, it IS the best, article on DNA I have ever read. VERY understandable and very complete IMO. Easily understood by this old tired brain. I am going to pass it along to quite a few people who will benefit from it.

Melissa Robards
I have received your report and this time I will read it with a glass of wine.

You have written a nice piece of history in a way that it is understandable and exciting to read.

I can't thank you enough. I have found my ancestor because of you. She was held in bondage. I thought I would never know her name.

Thank you for everything you have done for me.

JM (Netherlands Antilles)
WOW is all I can say!

R. Carter Pate, CPA, FCPA, CFE, CGFM
I'm super pleased with your services and what you've been able to add to my family tree. Please schedule my next two days of research soon. The check is enclosed.

Jason in Japan





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